You are responsible for ensuring that your notice is correct and complete.
If you do not complete the form properly, your notice may not be valid and you may have to start over Under To, fill in the name of the tenant to whom you want to give the notice. If there is more than one tenant living in the rental unit, fill in the names of all of the tenants.

Where there is a subtenant or assignee, you should name these people in the notice. However, you do not need to name other occupants, such as children or guests of the tenant Under From, fill in your name. If there is more than one landlord, fill in the names of all of the landlords.

Under Address of the Rental Unit, fill in the complete address of the rental unit, including the unit number (or apartment or suite number) and the postal code. Do not forget to indicate if the unit is in the basement or on the main floor.

The earliest date you can put in this field depends on the type of tenancy you have with your tenant.

When you are counting the days, do not include the date you are giving the notice to the tenant. If you are faxing the notice, the notice is deemed to be given on the date imprinted on the fax. If you are sending the notice by courier, add one business day for delivery. If you are sending the notice by mail, add five days for delivery.

For example
When Don Roberts (the landlord) and Katie Oregon (the tenant) entered into their tenancy agreement, they agreed that rent would be paid on the first day of each month. Katie did not pay the rent on March 1st, as required, so Don decides to give her an N4 notice. Don is preparing the notice on March 3rd.

If he decides to hand the notice to Katie in person on March 3rd, he can fill in March 17th as the termination date (14 days after March 3rd). But, if he intends to put the notice in the mail on March 3rd, he has to add five calendar days, bringing the termination date to March 22nd (14 days + 5 days for mailing).

The biggest obstacles a landlord faces in securing the eviction order at the landlord and tenant board are purely administrative, names of tenants, location of the residential unit, termination dates etc. Avoid these mistake with the help of an experience landlord tenant board paralegal.