Paralegals in Ontario are regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada, the same as lawyers.  In order to provide legal services in Toronto, the GTA and Ontario, we are required to follow the same professional code of conduct, operate in an ethical manner, and carry insurance and complete courses in continuing and enhancing our education, the same as lawyers in Ontario. The difference between a paralegal and a lawyer in Ontario is their education and permitted scope of practice.  Paralegals in Ontario are required to complete a program at a college accredited by the Law Society, a minimum of 120 hours at an approved field placement and write a 7.5 hour licensing exam that tests their competence of substantive and procedural law, as well as ethical and professional responsibilities that have the most direct impact on the protection of the public and providing of effective and ethical legal service.

    After all of the licensing requirements are met and insurance is purchased, paralegals in Ontario can undertake assisting their clients in the following areas of the law;

    Although a lawyer in Ontario can assist the public in these types of matters as well, it is usually more cost effective to use a paralegal.  Where most lawyers in Ontario charge by the hour, we at Paralegal.Ease provide full scope of paralegal services on a flat fee arrangement (except for Trial preparation and attendance).  Further, paralegals in Ontario are extremely active in these types of matters and generally have a better understanding of the process and expectations in these courts and tribunals.  Many lawyers in Ontario will refer their clients to paralegals when approached for assistance in these practice areas.

    Paralegal work

    • Statement of claim, defence, motion and trial arguments
    • Forms for proceedings at tribunals and landlord-tenant board
    • Terms to settlement
    • Legal research
    • In-person and remote representation at conferences, motions, and hearings
    • Corporate, property and PPSA searches
    • Commissioner of Oaths and documents
    an hour

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    At Paralegal Ease we take pride in delivering effective legal action and candid advice. In order to deliver this promise to you, we have to
    do our work thoroughly, which means: Researching case law, researching and interpreting relevant statutes, consulting with other members of the legal profession, including lawyers, judges and deputy judges. As such, we will do our best to give you the best answer, even to one simple question.


    Independent consultation is your chance to obtain unbiased advice on your legal matter. Independent legal advice is a crucial aspect of any legal or preliminary proceeding, including small claims court action and out of court settlements. Independent consultation will help you come to certainty with regards to which path to take in your legal matter. Whether it is reviewing a written agreement for technical and substantive errors or evaluating an offer to settle. Whether the nature of the matter is civil, quasi criminal or criminal, we can advise you on the relevant legal and administrative obstacles to your success.

    Before coming or calling about your independent consultation, please consider the following;

    1. The goal that you wish to accomplish in your legal matter
    2. The documents that would be relevant in advancing your matter, such as; written and signed agreements, photographs, emails, invoices, statements, witness accounts, police reports, charging documents, etc.
    3. Whether or not you will have the time and the resource to advance your legal matter to a successful outcome.

    Do not delay contacting a legal representative for your independent consultation. Often, there are time limitations that are strictly enforced when it comes to acting within the justice system. Rely on professional and courteous staff of ParalegalEase to guide you through the complex maze of your legal matter. Call today for a courteous initial interview or to schedule your independent consultation 416-894-4219.

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    The most important thing is that, an initial interview is NOT a legal consultation. During the initial interview Eugen will listen to your story, ask clarifying questions and provide a brief synopsis of the legal issues based on your presentation and responses. During the initial interview you will be asked to verify your personal details so please, bring in and show the Paralegal a piece of your valid, government-issued Photo identification, such as: Driver’s Licence, Passport, or Ontario Photo Card. This is a strict mandate of the Law Society of Upper Canada.


    After you and the Paralegal agree in writing, the Paralegal will become your official Legal Representative, and will stand on guard between you and the legal problem that you came to deal with.