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As Lemon Law Paralegals, we are contacted by consumers wanting to know if they can get their money back for ineffective, overpriced services they get pressured into, and sometimes digital advertising is in the mix. Below are a few scenarios that callers want us to deal with;

We were promised first page rankings

In reality, the field of digital advertisement is very new (relatively speaking) and even experts struggle with keeping up to date and understanding it. However, when you rely on the guarantee to enter into your contract, it is a representation of the provider’s ability and it should not be forgotten when thousands of dollars have been spent with little to no substantive back up.

We were shown progress reports but they do not reflect our account

Aside from making sure your phone line is in working order, make sure that your provider can clearly explain the discrepancy between your experience and their reports. Do not let their traffic reports be the only thing you are discussing, ask another company for help, usually a website or a link analysis is free of charge.

we are charged monthly but the amount of listings in our category grows exponentially

This is selling without ethics. The company is just trying to cram as many listings as they can in their directory. This devalues your listing and should be addressed by the company accordingly.

As digital advertisement is relatively new, it is always important to remember ‘buyer be ware’ However, the technical nature of this industry leaves many too far behind to be able to make a meaningful conclusion, and providers of digital advertisement are well aware of that. However, in any consumer transaction, remember, there are statutes and case law that governs seller conduct. For better comprehension of your rights as a consumer of digital marketing, dont hesitate to contact a lawyer or a paralegal involved in civil litigation. If you have your own experience with digital marketing misrepresentation, we would like to hear about it!