Major changes in law and policy due to Covid-19,

and their effect on Ontario.

Businesses of every scale and category, litigants, landlords, tenants, and the unsuspecting members of the general public are amongst those most effected by restrictions of Covid-19 in Ontario.

What is available for those running a business and not qualifying for the forgivable federal loan programs?

On April 24, the Canadian Federal government announced its allocating federal funds to incentivize commercial property owners to reduce the cost of rent by 75 percent.

What is available for tenants who lost work due to Covid- 19 and are unable to pay their rent?

What to do if confronted by law enforcement in a suspected violation?

Offer to voluntarily observe distancing and any other emergency measures where confrontation is in progress.

Where a fine or a summons has been issued, the courts are presently not hearing pleas or arguments.

Do landlords have to attend to maintenance issues during Covid-19 restrictions?

Landlords have to maintain the rental unit in a state of good repair during Covid-19, exemptions may apply.

All maintenance work is subject to 24 hour notice of entry to the tenant, except in cases of emergency.

Coordinating efforts are expected to ensure appropriate distancing is observed.

What to do if court services are required?

At the present time, courts are operating in a strictly limited capacity. Only emergency matters are attended to.

Any matters approaching limitation can be filed online to preserve the limitation.